About Our Boats

The main vessel for our dive services is a, 28 foot long, custom pontoon dive boat with a 90 hp engine. There is 42 feet of shaded benches with tank racks and the center aisle is a roomy 6 feet wide. Our signature dive ladder is one of a kind. It is a custom built ladder on a gradual 30-degree incline to allow for easy entry and exits even with large double cylinders on your back. At the bottom of the ladder is a large platform that easily allows divers to adjust their gear comfortably before or after a dive. The boat also offers a 100-quart ice chest to accommodate those ever so crucial after dive snacks you might decide to bring along. There is a large ice water cooler as well.

Safety of our divers is a major concern, so we not only have a DAN oxygen unit on board, but several extra oxygen cylinders as well. Our captain, as well as any Divemasters on board, are DAN oxygen providers and PADI medic first aid certified. We also suspend a 10-foot long decompression/safety stop bar overboard at a depth of 20 feet for added safety and comfort. The boat is also equipped with an underwater diver recall device for communicating to the divers underwater by tone or voice.