Group rates available by request.

$40.00 per person for 1/2 day(4 hour) charters (2 air tanks or air fills included) on Lake Jocassee and Lake Keowee –AM,PM, and/or night diving available (ask about a frequent diver discount) $2 per tank extra for nitrox.

4 diver minimum for Jocassee, 5 diver minimum for Keowee

$120.00 per person for all day charter on the Cooper River . Four, one hour dives (tanks not included).

Rental lighting with 10 watt HID available on request. Hand or helmet mount are both available.

AIR FILLS** $6 / $8 Nitrox …….80 cu. ft.

AIR FILLS** $8 / $10 Nitrox ……100 & 120 cu. ft.

Tank Rental $8 air / $10 Nitrox …..80 cu. ft.

Tank Rental $10 air / $12 Nitrox…..100 & 120 cu. ft.

$15.00 Regulator rental

$15.00 BC rental

$15.00 Wet Suit rental

$5.00 wrist mount compass rental

** Discount Fill Cards Are available to save you $1.00 per fill **
** Frequent Diver Discount – pay for 8 dives, get the 9th dive free **

Ask about gift cards for your diving friends

Fill out the ANNUAL waiver online and never have to do it in the shop for the whole year!