Keep watching here for details on our Cozumel Trip, Jan 7-14, 2017!!

If you want to take an overseas trip, help the Leatherback Turtles AND have your trip be tax deductible (if you are in the U.S.) check the trips at Leatherback Turtle Expeditions. Book through us for special consideration!


Cooper River – We run ongoing trips to the FAMOUS Cooper River to look for Meg Teeth, prehistoric artifacts as well as Colonial Era artifacts. Please click HERE for the calendar for our next trip! (Or call 864-944-9255 to set up a group of 6 for your own personal trip!)

When diving the Cooper River we schedule the trips when the tides will allow 4 dives per day. Please read the info about Hobby Diver license from South Carolina College of Arts & Sciences Maritime Research Division. We also have the application available here

Offshore Meg Teeth Ledge Diving – We’ll be running trips offshore SC to hunt for the mighty Meglodon! Many other exciting finds and adventures await you on this exciting new trip offering. We are expecting to make the first trips this fall. Please contact us for further updates or follow us on Facebook for dates of the first trips.

Lake Jocassee, Lake Keowee and the , & the Hot Hole – We offer regular trips to Jocassee, Keowee and the Hot Hole aboard our deluxe diving built pontoon boats. We will run with as few as 4 paying divers. We’ll run any day of the week so give us a call to set up your charter. Or check our CALENDAR for the available dates.

We are always adding more trips as interest allows, If you don’t see a trip you would like to take, let us know. We will check the possibilities.