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Bill Routh is the main instructor, owner, and operator of Lake Jocassee Dive Shop and Off the Wall Diving Charters. He began his SCUBA adventures when he started diving in 1981. Bill has shot underwater footage for several news channels, the Discovery Channel, and CNN. Bill has been diving South Carolina’s lakes and rivers for many years and is one of the area’s most knowledgeable diving experts. He has researched and located the Camp Jocassee for girls, Steel Bridge, and now the Attakulla Lodge on the bottom of Lake Jocassee. Bill is a PADI certified instructor (number 167144) and a TDI-SDI Instructor (number 11577). He is a Trimix instructor and has been technical diving since 1997. Bill keeps a flexible schedule and is very focused on the students learning the required skills. He will spend as much time as necessary with each student. Bill is known for his patience to make each student the best diver they can be. His flexible schedule allows you to learn on your flexible schedule.

We participate in SDI/TDI’s eLearning program. That means you can do all the written instruction and tests online. Just click on the eLearning picture to the left and sign up. When the time comes to complete your training with pool and open water sessions, we work with you to accommodate your schedule! This allows you to work at your own pace and finalize your training when it’s most convenient for you.

Click on any of the links under Courses of Instruction for more information then go to the PADI e-Learning site and get started today!

Don’t know if Scuba is for you??? Try it first in the safety and comfort of a warm pool with our release forms to fill out before coming to dive.

About Our Boats

About Our Boats

The main vessel for our dive services is a, 28 foot long, custom pontoon dive boat with a 90 hp engine. There are 42 linear feet of shaded benches with tank racks and the center aisle is a roomy 6 feet wide. Our signature dive ladder is one of a kind. It is a custom built ladder on a gradual 30-degree incline to allow for easy entry and exits even with large double cylinders on your back. It’s even wide enough for side-mount divers to ascend. At the bottom of the ladder is a large platform that easily allows divers to adjust their gear comfortably before or after a dive.

Safety of our divers is a major concern, so we not only have a DAN oxygen unit on board but several extra oxygen cylinders as well. Our captain, as well as any Dive-masters on board, are DAN oxygen providers and PADI medic first aid certified. The boat is also equipped with an underwater diver recall device for communicating to the divers underwater by tone or voice.


Why Dive it, before you BUY it?
Create Your Own Opinion not the person selling it to you.
It fits well in the store, what about in the water!
Do all of my accessories and gadgets work with this equipment!
Do I feel secure with my ability to use the equipment in the water!
Will this help or hinder my diving experience!
Can I easily operate all of the features on the new equipment
Does this gear take me to the next level of diving. Is it sufficient for my future diving needs.
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